Journal Of Humanities Guidelines to Authors

Contributors are advised to be guided by the following:

  • Each contribution should be typed double-line spacing (including references), with normal border margin of 1″ all around.
  • Only the first page should reflect the name(s) of the author(s) for purpose of blind review
  • The preferred language of the journal is English, but submissions in French may also be considered.
  • An abstract of not more than 250 words should precede the main body of the paper.
  • Five keywords for identifying the paper on web search should be supplied immediately below the Abstract.
  • The entire paper should not be more than 3,500 words inclusive of tables, figures and references. A word-count should be supplied below the keywords on the Abstract page.
  • Use of tables, figures, graphs, etc., should be kept to the barest minimum. These should be presented on separate pages at the end of the manuscripts while indications of their location within the text should be given.
  • The Journal adopts the current editions of either the American Psychological Association (APA 7th Edition) or the Modern Languages Association format. Contributors should note that footnotes, endnotes, etc., are not allowed especially in the case of APA. See section on sample referencing below for details.
  • Acknowledgements, if any, would normally come at the end of references.
  • Papers submitted must NOT be under consideration for publication in any other research outlet.A declaration to this effect must accompany the submission of manuscript.
  • Only articles that meet the editorial standard of the journal will be published. Authors are advised to do the initial review of their papers before submission.